"Aina Frozt has created an intriguing and remarkable 'world' in which priority is given to the forces of intuition and emotion. Her extraordinary portrait of a woman suggests the evolution of an almost mythical female figure who appears to be emerging from a deep, unconscious place. The woman is shown, in part, coming into being from nature but she also has a mechanistic quality that is reminiscent of the morphing featured in some sci-fi films. The result is a most fascinating image that recalls some of the deeply intuitive and emotional qualities also found in Edvard Munch's paintings".


Dr. Isobel Crombie

Senior Curator of Photography

National Gallery of Victoria


The International Photography Awards (IPA)

Prix de La Photographie - Paris

Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)

London International Creative Competition (LICC). 

Presented at Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF)

Winner of Bergen Filmminutt 

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